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SPIRITONE - Personalised intuited music to nourish and uplift mind, body & spirit.


Upon request, I will intuit music exclusively for YOU.


This unique method of healing is given to provide a deep of peace and help you reconnect with your most intimate sense of self.


The recorded material is yours to keep for life, I simply ask that you do not use it commercially in any way, as it is for your private use and pleasure only.


Of course, by all means, you are welcome to share the music with your friends and family, and I'm always grateful for any feedback.  


This 'spiritual' musical technique was developed in 2003 at Arthur Findlay College, under the tutelage of one of Canada's foremost spiritual teachers, the Rev. Brian Robertson.


If you would like a SPIRITONE personal intuited music for you or a loved one, simply go to the CONTACT page and fill in the box (mentioning Spiritone) to make your request. I will then contact you directly for some detail before creating a unique sound that will touch your heart and soul. The finished item is typically 2-3 minutes long, and is unique.


To here an example, please click on the old sample on the left which was one of the earliest Spiritone healings I did.


Here's some feedback from those who received a Spiritone musical therapy:


“Thank you so much for helping me to remember who I am in a different but beautiful way.”


“From the first moment I heard the music it made me calm and filled me with love.”


“It was as if somebody reached out when I was in need, and sent me a powerful healing.”


“Thank you for sharing your gift with me.”


To request your unique SPIRITONE musical therapy - just go to the CONTACT page and fill in your details.


PLEASE NOTE: There is no fixed charge for Spiritone. Please donate according to your means to help sustain an online presence, enabling me to continue offering this musical therapy service, or buy a book or two. Thank you for your understanding.

© Copyright 2015 J.M Harrison. All rights reserved.

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