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This unique book of transformation came to fruition after the author's out of body experience, being written in the six days that followed. A book of love, light and spiritual purity, ‘We Are All One’ records the authors' blending with Oneness and beyond, providing the reader with new ideas, practical exercises and explanations that assist in awakening to the 'One Essential Self' which leads to soul realisation. Contrary to the modern non-dual school of thought, J.M.Harrison explains his experience as being a gateway to Wholeness, a signpost to a Soul consciousness allowing us to fully engage in all aspects of being human. He explains how the converged consciousness of the Soul naturally utilises the combined loving interaction of both head and heart, thereby allowing us to make a positive contribution to our lives and the lives of others.


Undressing your Mind,

Transforming your Life

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‘Born yet Again’ is the first volume in a series of three books entitled the ‘The Mystic Chronicles’. Everything in these books actually took place, and is a transparent auto-biographical record, containing a wide variety of spiritual phenomena experienced throughout the author’s life.


Sharing first-hand accounts from the paranormal to the non-dual and beyond, these helpful and interesting records will help you to understand the often secret and powerful truth of human spiritual experiences, providing you with the opportunity to understand yourself, others and life itself at a deeper level.


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 A Tale of Hidden Truths & Unspoken Possibilities


for Visionary Fiction

Roundfire Books















The Soul Whisperer has the potential to be a huge bestseller.

In the same spiritual-adventure mold as The Da Vinci Code and The Celestine Prophecy,

J. M. Harrison's novel is a rich and riveting read full of 'hidden truths and unspoken possibilities'.

- Stephen Gawtry, Managing Editor, WATKINS MIND BODY SPIRIT MAGAZINE



J.M.Harrison writes in a compelling style which draws you in to this riveting story... 

- Claire Gillman, Editor, KINDRED SPIRIT MAGAZINE



Is it possible that a secret cartel of top ranking individuals are guilty of catastrophic greed and extreme

profiteering, manipulating humanity for profit, promoting religious differences, war and chaos right now

as has been their mission for millennia? Perhaps there is more to this book than just a great read…

- Wayne Herschel, Author of The Hidden Records



    The more of us who read this gripping, un-put-downable novel the better.

The Soul Whisperer contains powerful shades of Orwell's '1984' and Huxley's 'Brave New World',

some of whose prophecies are coming to pass right now...

- Michael Gabriel, Author and CEO





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Following personal tragedies and spiralling financial problems, Londoners Alex and Sara are desperate to find ways to rediscover their zest for life. A free holiday provides the perfect opportunity for a second chance, but not long after arriving in France they discover that all is not what it seems... A series of shocking revelations challenge their understanding of humanity, as they are propelled into a dangerous world governed by a ruthless occult society. Magical relics and extra-terrestrial objects promise to unlock incredible secrets, but what extremes will people go to in order to attain them? In a modern-day spiritual quest, Alex and Sara will be forced to take control of their destiny, facing their own demons along the way as time counts down, for them and the entire human race...

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Awakening to the Living Presence of your Soul #1 in Eastern Philosophy

{Spiritual non-fiction}  MANTRA BOOKS
















"...a spiritual classic ... this knowledge is too good not to be shared!"


"This is not another `self help' book. This is an invitation to an internalized map of being."


                 "The author is clearly an expert regarding this subject matter & in my view qualifies as a modern day mystic."



There are no idle words in this book. Everything here has been tested in the fire.

May this book bring you to THIS and to Authentic Doing.

~ Julian Daizan Skinner, Zen Master and founder of   



J.M.Harrison’s new book You are This is a complete delight.

Clearly distilled and insightful, it takes you on an expansive journey

into the heart of true spiritual awareness. This is such a treasure of a book

you will want to keep it close to you for a long time to come. 

~ Nikki de Carteret, author of Soul Power



If you are familiar with contemporary non-duality teachings and looking for the next step

(and there is one), take it with Jonathan Harrison who shows himself here to be a sure guide.

~ William Wildblood, author of Meeting the Masters



Jonathan’s latest book You are This, alongside his other work, is a trusted and steady companion

on our journey bringing support, sustenance and reassurance on a path that will sometimes

be hard-going. It is a book written with passion and compassion carrying a message tested

in a life fully experienced, authentic and heart-felt.

~ Michael Vincent , author of Self Enquiry: On Being You. A Journey into Truth



You are This lays bare the what, the how the when and the why,

inviting you to experience life from a truly cosmic perspective.

~ Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, Shaman and bestselling author of The Shaman Within and The Book of Destiny



As a Reiki master I seek to channel the very essence that is so aptly revealed in this book.

~ Gaetano Vivo, Reiki Master and author of Messages from the Angels of Transparency


A thought-provoking read for those serious about the next age of human evolution.

~ Stephanie J. King, Soulpreneur ™ and author of Divine Guidance



Discover the mystery of how one seemingly insignificant little word can transform your life and change the world.

YOU are THIS shares the author's contemporary philosophy of One-duality wherein the phenomenal world is recognised as real, and the Non-dual direct experience of Awareness is realised to be the anonymous catalyst for awakening the living presence of your Soul.









Undressing Your Mind, Transforming Your Life

USA Book News Best Books Awards Finalist 2010

{Spiritual non-fiction} O Books






















From the moment I opened it, I could not stop reading. It is genuine and fresh.

It is clear the author has realized his True Nature and I definitely recommend it.

~ Burt Harding, Advaita Satsang Teacher

& Founder of ‘The Awareness Foundation’ Vancouver, Canada



Something of a hidden treasure.  Naked Being is a breath of fresh air for all seekers of the inner self.  

A beautiful fusion of insights in spirituality, esoteric oneness and advaita, or non-duality, it provides

a powerful foundation for positive and lasting life changes.  A fine investment for your journey of discovery,

- this is a book that merits close attention.

~ Cygnus Review



I love this book because it is simple and expressive, connecting the reader straight away with the deeper meaning of life.

By holding this book in your hands each day and intuitively opening at a page that holds a paragraph relevant to you at

that moment in time, it will help you gain a whole new perspective about your way of living.  

~ Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, The Highland Seer

Best Selling author of The Heart of all Knowing and The Shaman Within



As Consciousness reveals Itself with increasing clarity and simplicity, Naked Being will prove to be

an invaluable resource to all those wishing to enjoy the amazing adventure of Self Realisation.

~ David Bingham,



It’s a rare skill to be able to use words, ideas and concepts to describe so clearly the silent

and unbounded universe of consciousness.  In the ‘inner space’ of being words have no place -

and meaning becomes increasingly irrelevant.  Yet Jonathan is able to erect all the right signposts

and this book is a testimony to the clarity of his insight, purity of vision and subtlety of awareness

that takes many years to cultivate.  But you’ll need to move slowly and stop frequently to gain full value

from his illuminating descriptions, reflections and interpretations in order to see if you can ‘see’ for your self.  

If you do then it’s a book that will rightly remain by your side for a very long time.

~ Mike George , Author: The 7 Myths About LOVE Actually!



I recommend this book to anyone with a keen desire to mine the boundaries of human finiteness

and simultaneously ascend into the infinite-ness of universal being.

~ Julie Clayton, New Consciousness Review 



A truly lovely book, whatever style and genre of writing you enjoy. This is a book to make you feel good

and give you a refreshed feeling when looking at the world. A book to be picked up each day

when you've only got a few minutes to spare or to sit down and read from cover to cover.

~ Lindsay Sinclair, Eternal Spirit



A book that needs to be tasted and savoured.

~ Network Review



This is not another self help book. This is an invitation to an internalized map of being.

And Jonathan is a generous and loving guide.

~ Grady Harp, #3 classic reviewer

















The little book which takes you on a mind blowing journey home to the Heart of Being.


Set out as a collection of four hundred and fifty awakening insights for all seekers of the Self, this volume is a fusion of mainstream spirituality, esoteric oneness and non-duality. The contemplative passages are written in clear, precise and thought provoking language as the author gently guides you towards the no-mind of pure Consciousness. A must have for the dedicated seeker, as anyone on the spiritual path of inner-discovery and illumination will find this unique book of lasting benefit.

As Linda Panell reveals in her foreword "Naked Being is true freedom - a breathtaking ride."







A Call to Spiritual Uprising


{Spiritual non-fiction} A.Lawren O'Lee Publishing





















The writing is excellent and vibrates with the "energy of oneness."

He speaks from the place of a higher vibration in which is heard

qualities or tones of the occult or esoteric truths."

Jerry Katz - Author One: Essential Writings on Nonduality, Canada.



WE ARE ALL ONE could just be the nidus for change -

not only ourselves but also the body of souls that surround us.

This is an eloquent, tender, meaningful, beautifully written book."

Grady Harp January 08 - Top Ten Reviewer



If you are interested in the transformational possibilities of society and the world

you will find this book will speak to you meaningfully. - Nonduality Highlights Feature



Here, indeed, in We are All One, is a cornucopia of food for thought

and, ultimately, implementation in our own lives.

Michael Woodhead - TCM Reviews USA



Read We Are All One, become inspired.

Sabrina Williams - Front Street Reviews USA



Thought provoking debut from the English Tolle.  

E.Hyppia - Writer & Philosopher



This is indeed a rarity in the world today.

So I highly recommend this book to inject a new vibration and vision into your consciousness.

The words in this book will awaken something precious in your and further orient you to the sacred realities

within and around you. A very easily accessible and meaningful read.

Mystic Jaguar VINE VOICE








"We Are All One" enables an alignment of consciousness with our highest potential, not just the potential of the "you," the singular one, but of the "us," the all. It is an evolutionary transformational process redefining the concept of the ego-based "we," applying it not to an elite or separate group, but to everyone who exists, has existed or will exist. "We Are All One" is a state of consciousness that if put into practice will reveal the true nature of our selves to our individual "self," for it will bring out the spiritual essence, providing a system of understanding, release and expression. The methodology does not require that you undertake decades of philosophical or intellectual study, or that you be especially gifted; neither does it require a large financial investment. It does not require membership to a secret society or adherence to a religion. No, all it requires is the initial willingness to understand that on the spiritual level we are all the same.


We can admit that we all look different from one another and come to terms with the fact that our minds can provide interesting doors to a wide variety of mental states, from madness to genius. But deep inside, really deep at the core of our being, we understand that we are the same and this causes us confusion, for the body seeks individuality in the form of appearance; and the mind seeks a stage from where to display its uniqueness and capacity, yet the spirit seeks unity with all, with itself.


This is the human dilemma, the mystery of mysteries since the beginning of time. We feel we are not just the body that we see and not purely the mind we utilize, that we are part of something much greater and there is nothing greater than our spiritual nature, because it is inclusive, it cannot exclude or discriminate, it is One and it is indivisible.


© All rights reserved J.M.Harrison

we are all one


"A sacred book of spiritual insights

combined with a transformative power

that transcends ordinary consciousness.

Oneness in words."

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WINNER Beverly Hills International Book Awards® of 2016 ~

Visionary Fiction.



Allbooks International Editor's Choice Award 2009 winner ~ Spirituality & Inspiration category



Best Books Award Finalist 2010 (USA Book News) ~ Spirituality

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